Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED0004.jpg


Baltic Malt is a leading international producer of malt. 

The concept resembles an industrial bar. The use of metallic frames and wooden panels transforms the exhibition stand into a rustic environment to represent the journey of your product. 

 We designed a bar that allows semi-formal interactions between an expert and the end-user. 

The bar is backed by a chalkboard acting as a dual-purpose communication medium accentuating the interaction with the stand itself.

Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED0004.jpg
Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED0003.jpg
Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED_1_0003.jpg
Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED0005.jpg
Baltic Malt_BrauBeviale 2020_UPDATED0001.jpg
Baltic Malt_BOXED.jpg
Baltic Malt_UNBOXED_Branded.jpg