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Pepsi Co was participating in an exhibition in Moscow and wanted to present all its' most famous brands in Russia - Lay's, Cheetos and Hrustim. The aim was to create interactive zones for each brand and raise brand awareness online. 

The centre we placed the most nostalgic game - the claw machine with all the crisps from Pepsi co brands.

In the Lay's area, we designed an arcade machine, that shows the visitors a process of making perfect Lay's crisps. A participant would drop in a potato that would roll down, and through popping graphics, explain each step of preparing the crisps. At the end of the process, a player receives a pack of Lay's crisps. 
Additionally, Lay's area includes a photo zone and a simple POS stand.

Hrustim zone has a photo zone, where visitors can choose a French or a Japanese flavour and take a photo "fighting" using decorative items from the selected taste. Afterwards, visitors can vote for the most favourite flavour by pressing a designated button.

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