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Cons of using Online Logo Makers *because there are no pros*

If you want a strong brand, you need to invest your time, attention and resources into your branding. Have you noticed that you picture logos when you think of brands like McDonald's and Facebook? Or with logos like Nike, you associate them with success or speed.

Luck of Originality & Creativity

A logo maker is an online software with pre-made templates consisting of basic vector illustrations and fonts that bring you a result according to your input's search terms.

If you use a pre-made logo software, be aware that anyone else using the logo maker can use the same template. Should that happen, your logo won't be unique, and it will lack originality since another business is using it. Sure, you can mix things up, but you have to use the free tools and existing templates.

Emotionless and impersonal

In 2021 people don't want to buy from businesses—they want to connect with the people, values, and personalities behind brands.

Generating a brand identity is human-centric, prioritising the brand's audience, their behaviours and experiences. It infuses the resulting elements with the essence of what a brand stands for and aims to accomplish. These are essential aspects of brand development that you miss out on when you pick a logo out of a lineup or letting a robot pick one for you.

Unprofessional Look

The main aim of the company's visual identity is to be the face of the brand and not a literal illustration of the services/products the company supplies.

However, if you choose to use a free logo maker, that's the result you will get. Below you can see the example of a quick experiment we did use a free logo maker. (

Credit ( Credit (

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It's very challenging to get a new business off the ground, and getting a free logo might sound like a good and easy way to go. But the potential problems you might get will outweigh any benefits you'll get from saving money.

Turn to a professional logo designer or an agency. A pro will use all of their experience and skills to provide you with a logo that reflects the brand values you want to project to your customers.



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