What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a business strategy that allows you to grow your brand and build meaningful, lasting relationships with clients and prospects by offering them valuable advice and insights for free.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, inbound marketing aims to address people's issues and help them solve their problems with quality content. Providing relevant and useful information will let you build trust with your prospects and show an extensive understanding of your industry.

The Components of Inbound Marketing

Here we listed three main segments of your customer's journey that contribute to converting strangers into promoters of your business.


The first step is about bringing in the right people with valuable content. That establishes you as a trusted advisor and an expert in the industry with whom they will seek to engage.


  • Targeted Ads

  • SEO

  • Infographics

  • Downloadable guides

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Video marketing

  • eBooks


This step is about engaging leads by attentive and personalised communications. Presenting insights and solutions that align with your potential clients' aims and goals, so they are more likely to trust you and therefore buy from you.


  • Email marketing

  • Chatbots/Live chats

  • Downloadable tools/apps

  • Quality marketing content

  • Marketing automation

  • Social Media


You want to be sure your business is delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. The delight stage is all about extending the engagement with consumers, even after their final purchase.


  • Personalised content

  • Surveys

  • Follow-up emails

  • Marketing automation

Inbound marketing is a long term strategy that will require in-depth research, detailed planning and professional execution. Ergon Creative is a creative marketing expert team that can help you launch your first successful inbound marketing campaign.

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