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SC Johnson is a family company that aims to make life cleaner and more comfortable for families, producing some of your favourite household brands: Raid, Glade, Duck and Mr Muscle.


SC Johnson approached us to produce an exhibition stand, representing the company's sustainable production methods while highlighting the product range. The aim was to raise brand awareness and social media presence.


S. C. Johnson's headquarters building was designed by one of leading American architects of 20th century - Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright developed an original style that combined human-made structures with natural materials and environments.

Taking inspiration from Wright's architecture, we have blended natural wood and greenery with human-made glass and reflective surfaces.


Our design team has developed a spatial arrangement that allowed the visitors to learn more about each product on display, have an in-depth conversation with a staff member at the reception and participate in an Instagram challenge by taking a selfie in front of the green photo wall. The photo-zone aimed to increase the visibility of the stand, promote the product range and boost social media presence.

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